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Tango, a strange turn

Tango, a strange turn

Directed by: Mercedes García Guevara

Cast: La Chicana, Acho Estol, Facundo & Kelly, Mayra Galante, Silvio Grand, Adrián Iaies

Genre: Musical / Documentary

Script: Mercedes García Guevara

Origin: Argentina

Length: 95 min.

Tango, un giro extra�o (Tango, a strange turn) is a feature musical documentary film that focuses on the new generation of tango composers, musicians and dancers. The film shows that tango is still very much alive, and that the reason for which it continues is because it is transformed and enriched by young musicians who dare to renew old formulas. This new blood is made up of musicians who compose and write lyrics with a different outlook and who, in some cases, incorporate instruments never used before in tango. Featuring around eight artists (groups and soloists) who sing/play/dance 20 songs, Tango, un giro extra�o, recounts this new phenomenon and the all time fascination that tango provokes.


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Year: 2005