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The Window

The Window

Directed by: Carlos Sorin

Cast: Antonio Larreta, María del Carmen Jiménez, Emilse Roldán, Roberto Rovira, Jorge Díez, Carla Peterson

Genre: Drama

Script: Carlos Sorin

Music: Nicolás Sorin

Origin: Argentina

Length: 85 min.

Rating: R

The last day in the life of Antonio, an 80-year-old writer awaiting the visit of his estranged son on his hacienda in northern Patagonia. As he takes stock and reminisces, he looks out the window at his fields, the sun, the buzzing life that beckons him even as it fades before his eyes.
He listens to the buzzing midday sun swirling the air outside his window. He hears the voices and noises of life inside the house. All is as it should be for Antonio, 80, on this last day of his life. The proud, pink hacienda overlooking endless Patagonian fields. The hushed sounds of the women who run the house and take care of him. The occasional visits: his trusted doctor, a worker, a piano tuner… Antonio knows it is a special day. After an absence of many years, his son is coming to visit. All must be perfect. There will be a toast with a very special champagne, an embrace, warm words that will finally bridge the gap between them... But before, Antonio must wait. Returning to the window, he looks out and sees light and life, the past and the present, while sensing the future. Then, secretly, he leaves the house, unseen by his faithful caretakers, and takes one last walk in his fields, breathing the air, treading the earth, inhaling the scent of the land that had been his life. His son is coming, and for that he will live. At least long enough for that.

Mixing Studio: Tauro Digital Sound


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Year: 2008