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Films > Waiting for the Hearse (Restoration)

Waiting for the Hearse (Restoration)

Waiting for the Hearse (Restoration)

Directed by: Alejandro Doria

Cast: Luis Brandoni, China Zorrilla, Antonio Gasalla, Julio De Grazia, Betiana Blum, Mónica Villa, Juan Manuel Tenuta, Andrea Tenuta, Cecilia Rossetto, Enrique Pinti, Darío Grandinetti

Genre: Comedy

Script: Alejandro Doria, Jacobo Langsner

Music: Feliciano Brunelli

Origin: Argentina

Length: 87 min.

Rating: PG

An acid comedy about the family that has become a timeless classic. Mama Cora (played by Antonio Gasalla) is an old woman whose mind is working against her. This makes her so annoying that no one in the family wants to take care of her. This responsibility falls over a poor woman, hated by the rest of the family for being a good person. That´s because they are such bad people that they can´t stand each other, they just act like they love each other. Any resemblance with reality? Watch this movie and your body will hurt from laughing. But be careful, you might realize that you´re laughing at yourself!!!!!! This comedy is acid to the bone.

Mixing Studio: Tauro Digital Sound

IMDB Link:

Year: 2012